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Finding Inspiration in Every Spritz!

Dossier empowers you to express your unique essence through their exquisite collection of designer inspired perfumes. Join me on a sensory voyage like no other as Dossier Perfumes unravel tales of enchantment through meticulously crafted scents. Read my reviews and discover the countless reasons why this brand has stolen my heart!

What do I wear in bed Why, Dossier's Floral Aldehydes, of course. ~The Glampress (1).png
Select Your Scent

Select Your Scent!

Click Your Way to a Fragrant Fairytale with Dossier

Ready to embark on an olfactory odyssey? Click on a photo and let Dossier whisk you away on a fragrant escapade to discover your signature scent. Imagine a world where every turn is a new aroma, every moment an intimate dance of scents. Your dream fragrance awaits, and the path to it is but a click away. Don't just wear a perfume—wear a story, a memory, a Dossier adventure that's uniquely yours. So, are you feeling adventurous?

Floral Aldehydes
Ambery Cherry
Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut
Aquatic Coconut
Fruity Jasmine
Woody Sage
Citrus Green Apple
Spicy Orchid
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