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Woody Sage

The Enchanting Waves of Woody Sage

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Greetings, fragrance aficionados! Your favorite potion-crafting witch here, bringing a whiff of the divine from my enchanted abode. Today's concoction? Dossier Perfume, Woody Sage. Now, don't get your cauldrons in a twist; my secret elixir for transformation isn’t up for grabs. But don’t despair! Dossier's Woody Sage captures its essence splendidly!

Imagine a burst of fig and grapefruit, mingling with a sea breeze - that’s your opening act. Followed by the depth of ambery driftwoods and sage, it’s a potion that’s both lively and profound. While it may not turn you into royalty, it’ll surely enchant your senses.

Ready to be bewitched? Find this olfactory treasure at or waltz into a Walmart near you—they've got Dossier's top scents on their shelves. Happy spritzing, and may your days be as enchanting as a whiff of Woody Sage!

Enchanting  Elixirs

Chapter One: An Enchanting Invitation

In the clandestine realms of my bewitching abode, I, a mistress of ancient potions and elixirs, have concocted the most captivating brew – Dossier's Woody Sage Perfume. Ah, dear mortals, this is no ordinary potion! It is a transformative elixir, an olfactory charm that turns the wearer into the epitome of grace and allure.


Woody Sage, my dears, is like a gust of sea breeze, lively and rejuvenating, a whiff of it and you are transported to a cliff overlooking the grandeur of the mighty ocean. It’s as if the spirits of fig and grapefruit have danced together, swirling around with a touch of the sea's essence, creating a symphony of freshness and vivacity.


But beware, for this potion is not just a mere play of citrus and marine notes. It delves deeper, much deeper. The ambery driftwoods and sage come forth like ancient whispers, telling tales of the earth and its mysteries. The potion’s heart is a complex labyrinth, aromatic and raw, with floral whispers, minty secrets, earthy undertones, and camphorated riddles.


Woody Sage, is a potion of duality – as lively as the sea breeze, yet as deep and complex as the ocean itself. It is the elixir of transformation, turning any mere mortal into a vision of elegance and charm. So, wear it with caution, for its powers are immense, and its allure, irresistible.


With a spritz of Woody Sage, I step out of the shadows, leaving behind my cauldron and potions, transformed into a vision of loveliness. For this, dear ones, is not just a perfume. It is magic, bottled.

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Dossier offers luxury-like fragrances at inexpensive prices. By forgoing unnecessary fluff—like excessive packaging and designer names—the brand is able to offer a wide range of woody, floral, oriental, and musk fragrances that mimic some of the most iconic perfumes out there.

Dossier Perfume's Woody Sage is an olfactory masterpiece, a symphony of nature captured in a bottle. The journey begins with a vibrant burst of fig and grapefruit, an invigorating wake-up call to the senses. This lively introduction is swiftly embraced by a heart of sea-inspired freshness. The clever use of a mineral salty accord and calone skillfully conjures the essence of a brisk sea breeze, transporting you to a serene coastal escape.


As the scent unfolds, it dives into deeper, more mysterious notes. Ambery driftwoods and sage emerge, lending an earthy, yet refreshingly minty and camphorated character to the composition. Woody Sage is more than just a fragrance; it's an experience. It's like standing on a windswept seaside cliff, taking in a breath of air that revives and inspires. This perfume is a tribute to the wild, untamed spirit of nature, making it perfect for anyone seeking a scent that's both grounding and exhilarating.

Can Designer Inspired Perfume Really Be That Good?

Dossier perfumes are perfect for boss babes on a budget! And as a busy fempreneur, The Glampress champions affordable luxury through designer inspired perfumes because she believes that every person deserves to feel like a boss! "Dossier keeps it clean & simple without all the fluff!" Discover all of Dossier's captivating scents and feel like a V.I.P! And YES! Dossier sports a Men's Collection, too for the gents!


The Dossier brand is the ultimate class act. Here's a few reasons why The Glampress loves them so, and why you need them in your fragrance collection.

The Finest French Ingredients Dossier sources their scents from the world's perfume capital, Grasse, France. Dossier perfumes are made from clean ingredients for the best quality possible.


Team Green Dossier uses recyclable, environmentally friendly materials for all of their packaging, which helps our planet and saves you money! It's a WIN-WIN!

Oh, and yes! Dossier is also proudly vegan and cruelty-free. The San Francisco-based perfumery adopts a transparent approach to perfume, disclosing the exact cost of perfume production ($2), the sources of their scents, and the ingredients used in every bottle. Indulge in luxury without spending a fortune with Dossier's affordable perfume!

SHOP Online for Dossier Perfumes at And their popular fragrances are NOW available at most Walmart locations across the U.S.A.! Click Here to find a location near you!

Luxury Fragrances at Fair Prices!

Why Does The Glampress Love Dossier So Much?

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Dossier Perfumes:

Woody Sage

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