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Aquatic Coconut

Beachy, Breezy, Beautiful!

Dossier's Aquatic Coconut smells like paradise! One spray will send your senses on a tropical beachside vacation! Very fun in the sun vibes! ~ The Glampress

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Spritz, Splash, and Treasure!


Unperturbed by the intrusion and ever the enchantress, The Glampress slipped back beneath the waves, her arms cradling the bejeweled box, now a beacon of scent that melded the rich essence of coconut with the salty kiss of the sea breeze. It was a fragrance that whispered of ballrooms beneath the tide, where chandeliers were made of bioluminescent jellyfish and goblets were polished abalone shells.

Ensconced once again in the safety of her glamorous grotto, her sanctuary of sparkle and splendor, The Glampress prepared to unveil the secrets nestled within the heart of her glamorous find.

As the briny wind carried the distant sound of a ship's bell, The Glampress was reminded that every treasure has its tale, and every scent carries the narrative of its journey.

What lavish mysteries would unfold from the heart of the casket? And what lavish tale would the incoming galleon add to The Glampress's already glittering saga?

Join us as we dive deeper into the ocean of extravagance, following The Glampress on her scent-sational voyage of Aquatic Coconut discovery. The adventure has just begun, and the waters of fortune shimmer with glitz and glamour beneath the beckoning surface. Stay attuned for the next chapter in The Glampress’s extravagant escapade!

In the shimmering heart of the Caribbean, where sapphire waves kiss glittering shores, lies a realm of splendor and peril. Here, The Glampress, a mermaid of unrivaled allure and flair, reigns supreme over her underwater domain. With a flick of her iridescent tail, she navigates a world where danger is draped in diamonds, and every coral crevice hides a story.


On an epochal sunrise, The Glampress—her scales glinting with the morning light—chanced upon a vision of opulence on the fringes of an islet that whispered the secrets of old-world buccaneers. A chest, lavish and mystical, beckoned with the promise of yesteryear's riches, abandoned to the sands of time and tide.


Amidst a trove that would make even the stars covetous, one gem surpassed them all—a casket as resplendent as the Glampress herself, swathed in a golden netting that shimmered with a million suns. This was no ordinary trove; it was a chest worthy of Neptune's court, perhaps even a fragment of the lost Atlantis jewels, now caught in her delicate grasp.


Her heart, a drumline to the rhythm of the deep, skipped a beat as a peculiar character—a sprightly old man garbed in velvet, sequins winking from his cap—emerged with a raucous cry, a vivid macaw perched atop his outlandish hat. His presence was as startling as it was flamboyant, a slice of theater in the tranquility of her lagoon.

Glitz, Glam, and the Glampress: The Mermaid's Aquatic Coconut Quest

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Dossier offers luxury-like fragrances at inexpensive prices. By forgoing unnecessary fluff—like excessive packaging and designer names—the brand is able to offer a wide range of woody, floral, oriental, and musk fragrances that mimic some of the most iconic perfumes out there.

Step into a world of sweet seduction with Dossier's Ambery Cherry Perfume. Immerse yourself in the irresistible fragrance that embodies the timeless beauty of a classic pin-up girl. Like the tempting aroma of a freshly baked cherry pie, this delicious scent is sure to hit your sweet spot, make mouths water and leaving them craving more!

Can Designer Inspired Perfume Really Be That Good?

Dossier perfumes are perfect for boss babes on a budget! And as a busy fempreneur, The Glampress champions affordable luxury through designer inspired perfumes because she believes that every person deserves to feel like a boss! "Dossier keeps it clean & simple without all the fluff!" Discover all of Dossier's captivating scents and feel like a V.I.P! And YES! Dossier sports a Men's Collection, too for the gents!


The Dossier brand is the ultimate class act. Here's a few reasons why The Glampress loves them so, and why you need them in your fragrance collection.

The Finest French Ingredients Dossier sources their scents from the world's perfume capital, Grasse, France. Dossier perfumes are made from clean ingredients for the best quality possible.


Team Green Dossier uses recyclable, environmentally friendly materials for all of their packaging, which helps our planet and saves you money! It's a WIN-WIN!

Oh, and yes! Dossier is also proudly vegan and cruelty-free. The San Francisco-based perfumery adopts a transparent approach to perfume, disclosing the exact cost of perfume production ($2), the sources of their scents, and the ingredients used in every bottle. Indulge in luxury without spending a fortune with Dossier's affordable perfume!

SHOP Online for Dossier Perfumes at And their popular fragrances are NOW available at most Walmart locations across the U.S.A.! Click Here to find a location near you!

Luxury Fragrances at Fair Prices!

Why Does The Glampress Love Dossier So Much?

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Dossier Perfumes:

Aquatic Coconut

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