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Floral Aldehydes

Unveiling Marilyn's Enigmatic Journey

Delve into the captivating secret rendezvous of Marilyn Monroe's clandestine escapade to the picturesque Prince Edward Island. Prepare to be awe-struck by the untold tales of this iconic starlet's journey. A sunkissed Miss Monroe brings the essence of Floral Aldehydes to life while gracing the quaint island. She is here promoting Dossier, her favorite perfume brand. 

Dossier empowers you to express your unique essence through their exquisite collection of designer inspired perfumes. Join me on a sensory voyage like no other as Dossier Perfumes unravel tales of enchantment through meticulously crafted scents.


Marilyn Monroe cosplay by: The Glampress Read all of my charming Dossier reviews at and discover the countless reasons why this brand has stolen my heart!

Marilyn Monroe cosplay by Valentina Chastain a.k.a The Glampress

Marilyn Monroe Stays at the Prince Inn B&B

Marilyn Monroe set sail on the Confederation headed for Prince Edward Island. Upon arrival to the quaint, yet fabulous Charlottetown, she checked into the luxurious Prince Inn Bed & Breakfast where we caught up with her for an exclusive interview.


To the question “What do you wear to bed?”, Miss Monroe replied, “Why Dossier's Floral Aldehydes, of course!”.


Famished and excited about this month's Hawaiian menu, she then hopped on over to the Hopyard, PEI's legendary vinyl bar. 

But not before slipping her cherished Dossier Perfume into her Chanel purse, of course. "Did you know they rotate craft beer taps & a have menu that changes monthly?!"


A surprise date awaits...

"Oh, I'll never get bored of the menu there!"


Read the full story and get insider exclusive coverage at


Find the "Dare to Fall in Love with Dossier" Blog Article and then click 'All My Reviews' to find Marilyn's favorite scent, Floral Aldehydes.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Dossier Perfume Floral Aldehydes

Dossier offers luxury-like fragrances at inexpensive prices. By forgoing unnecessary fluff—like excessive packaging and designer names—the brand is able to offer a wide range of woody, floral, oriental, and musk fragrances that mimic some of the most iconic perfumes out there.

Transport your senses to a world of refined beauty and timeless charm with Dossier's iconic scent, Floral Aldehydes. Lose yourself in the enchanting allure of a vintage era where elegance and grace reigned supreme. With a distinctly feminine appeal, unveiling a beautiful symphony of floral notes. This timeless scent whisks you away to an era where romance flourished and chivalry was still a thing. Inspired by the signature scent of our beloved Miss Monroe, it's a testament to timeless beauty and sophistication. An eternal classic.

Can Designer Inspired Perfume Really Be That Good?

Marilyn Monroe is a classy dame. Despite her wealth, she champions affordable luxury, designer inspired perfumes because she believes that every person deserves to feel like royalty! Discover all of Dossier's captivating scents and feel like a star! And YES! Dossier sports a Men's Collection, too for the gents!


The Dossier brand is the ultimate class act. Here's a few reasons why Miss Monroe loves them so, and why you need them in your fragrance collection.

The Finest French Ingredients Dossier sources their scents from the world's perfume capital, Grasse, France. Dossier perfumes are made from clean ingredients for the best quality possible.


Team Green Dossier uses recyclable, environmentally friendly materials for all of their packaging, which helps our planet and saves you money! It's a WIN-WIN!

Oh, and yes! Dossier is also proudly vegan and cruelty-free. The San Francisco-based perfumery adopts a transparent approach to perfume, disclosing the exact cost of perfume production ($2), the sources of their scents, and the ingredients used in every bottle. Indulge in luxury without spending a fortune with Dossier's affordable perfume!

SHOP Online for Dossier Perfumes at And their popular fragrances are NOW available at most Walmart locations across the U.S.A.! Click Here to find a location near you!

Luxury Perfumes at Fair Prices!

Why Does Marilyn Love Dossier So Much?

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Dossier Perfume Floral Aldehydes

Dossier Perfumes:

Floral Aldehydes

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