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Hey there, you crafty little diva! Welcome to my site! Get your craft on with a sprinkle of playfulness and a dash of DIY magic. Unleash you DIY superpowers with jaw-dropping cosplay costumes and props. Then level up your DIY costume game with some themed Photoshop tutorials! Bring your costumes to life by joining the Digitally Crafty Doll Community to learn how to design epic creatives that are out of this world!


Too busy to DIY? No worries! My Themed Photo Retouching Services have got you covered.  I'll give your costume photos that WOW! factor, leaving your friends, family and followers wondering how you did it! I'll even teach you how to sell your art so DIY projects can be your next new side hustle!


Looking for unique props and crafts for your next costume? Look no further! Shop my exclusive collection right here on my site and become a member to enjoy exclusive tutorials and awesome discounts! This is where creativity thrives. Join the GLAMFAM by subscribing to my Instagram or take your DIY passion projects to the next level by subscribing to my blog, too! See you on the other side, GLAMFAM! 

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Get ready to unleash your inner DIY Crafty Diva! Subscribe to my blog for a cheeky blend of crafty DIY tutorials, mind-blowing Photoshop tricks, and exclusive brand discounts. Let's transform your costume dreams into reality and take your crafting game to the next level. Plus, unlock the secrets to starting your own brand. Who says you can't be a crafty queen and a digital whiz at the same time? Let's ignite your creative spark, shall we?

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Dossier Magic to Transform You into a Mermaid!
Ahoy mateys! I found me a treasure! 'Dare to Fall in Love with Dossier' to find out why I treasure Dossier's Aquatic Coconut perfume!
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zodiac signs astrology.png
wyzs whats your zodiac sign astrology.png


Themed Photos

Before & After
Photo Retouching

Put a spring in your step and in your photos with  My Photo Retouching Services OR DIY Photoshop Tutorials!


  • Barbie

  • Mermaid

  • Cherry Blossoms

  • Rainbows

  • Honey Drip

  • Sunflowers


Mermaid Photo Retouching Services
The Glampress NFT Rapunzel 2022 websize LOGO.png
The Glampress Cosplay as Rapunzel
Green Forest

My NFT Collection

Check out my NFT Collection available for trade OR sell! Contact me with your special NFT requests OR learn how to make your own collection with INSTASTARS NEW  NFT Master Class! COMING SOON!