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Let's Get Inked!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I received the Trooper Black – [Satin Black] Liquid Tattoo Liner from KVD Beauty and Influenster in exchange for my honest review. Connect with me on Influenster at:

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100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Make-Up inspired by tattoos allowing artistic forms of expression through make-up. Available at Sephora

KVD’s Liquid Tattoo Eyeliner is award winning and I can see why! The ultra fine felt tip with an even and smooth glide of rich liquid liner is perfect for intricate details or softer looks. And with a little more pressure, can create fun and dramatic lines too. The tip stays sharp and doesn’t fray. I’ve used it for 3+ different face designs and it still feels like new! It’s now my new go-to for a classic cat-eyed look as it creates the perfect wing! It lasts all day while maintaining a fresh and silky look and feel.

It’s waterproof and it doesn’t smudge (even when you accidentally rub your eye!) Yet can easily be removed with a bit of make-up remover [or Vaseline for big body art designs.] I am not a tattoo artist, so I made a lot of mistakes trying to draw cool designs on my face! But it is very easy to make corrections with a make-up wipe and I adore the authentic matte tattoo look. I received a lot of compliments on the designs it inspired me to create!

KVD's Liquid Tattoo Liner is a lot of fun, and you will surprise yourself with how creative you can be with the right tools! I used it for outlining all of my bigger designs as it is very fine for precise details and sharp corners. And it's easy to apply and control. It has become a permanent staple in my make-up collection! I even tried it on top of a very white creamy foundation I was using for a Geisha Cosplay. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but once it was set with powder, The KVD Tattoo Liner glided over the thick foundation beautifully!

P.S. It also stays smudge-free and beautifully intact under loose clothing. If you want to draw a tattoo on your arm or body, you don’t have to worry about your t-shirt rubbing it off very easily. Surprise your friends with a new tattoo today!


I received the complimenting Waterproof Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Azurite Blue – [Vibrant Cobalt] from KVD Beauty and Influenster in exchange for my honest review. This Gel Tattoo Pencil Liner is 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Make-up inspired by tattoos to allow artistic forms of expression through make-up. Available at Sephora

I am obsessed with the versatility and vibrancy of this liner! It glides on ultra smooth and can be used to outline bold dramatic shapes or smudged for softer designs. With practice, you could definitely get stunning, realistic tattoo shading effects using this liner. It also blends beautifully with other eyeshadow colors, so the designs are limitless. It is the perfect compliment to KVD’s Liquid Tattoo Liner and I adore the authentic matte tattoo look the two create when they are used together.

If you’re going to get super artsy with the smudging; however, you gotta’ smudge it quick! It dries in about 10 seconds and once it’s dry it’s not smudging at all!

I created this flower tattoo design on my forearm and left it on all day and well into the evening... it stayed vibrant and beautifully intact!

KVD's Gel Tattoo Pencil Liner's are a real gem for body art and cosplay designs; as well as around the eyes!

It is even soft enough to use on lips and has super staying power even after eating and drinking!

DIY Tattoo Design Stencil #1

I am not a tattoo artist, so I devised two simple strategies that help me stencil out my design ideas, when a real stencil isn't available. You can search on Google for Free ClipArt of Tattoo Designs. Print off the ones you like. I then used an X-Acto knife to cut my stencil out and used a bit of Spirit Gum to hold it in place on my face. [Avoid the eye area as Spirit Gum can be very strong! My DIY Tattoo Design Stencil #2 is best for designs near the eyes.] You can find Spirit Gum in most costume stores or even on Amazon. Make sure you purchase the remover as well!. Then I did a quick and light outline of the design on my face using KVD's Tattoo Liner. The sharp precision tip really makes this task easy! Once you've removed your DIY paper stencil you might need to use a tiny bit of Spirit Gum Remover to clean it up with a Q-Tip. Just be sure to dry the area thoroughly as the Spirit Gum Remover will also remove your Tattoo Liner and make it hard to deign over that area.

DIY Tattoo Design Stencil #2

[Safe for Around the Eyes]

If you don't have access to, or wish to use Spirit Gum, the second way to help you stencil out your design is to use soft thick plastic, like the plastic used to package Hallowe'en Costumes or bedsheets. With this technique you can save your cut-outs to re-use them and create a collection of your favorite designs. Simply tape your printed out design onto your piece of plastic and cut it out with your X-Acto knife. If your design has very small, intricate details then just try your best to cut out the basic shape to start with and you can free-hand the rest. Once your deign is cut out, take a liquid foundation that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Paint your new DIY plastic stencil with your foundation and then press it against your skin before it dries. Once it's dry, you now have a trace design to start with. I have created two YouTube videos demonstrating each technique. If you like my vibe, Please Subscribe! And tag me on Instagram @glitznglam.glampress with your tattoo designs if any of my techniques helped you. I would love to see what you created!

KVD' Beauty's Azurite Blue Tattoo Gel Liner has quickly become my favorite eyeliner for making my baby blues POP! The color is bold and brilliant, expressive and intense! This formula also draws beautifully onto the waterlines to create an even more dramatic look, without any irritation. Another big bonus is the easy twist up feature and that it doesn’t need to be sharpened. When I do want a sharper edge for finer details, I can just slice the tip with my X-Acto knife. But with the way this ultra-smooth, ultra-superior liner just melts onto your skin, it is hard to keep the edge very sharp for long. A compromise for such rich results I'm fine with, nonetheless.

It literally melts over your lids like butter; which is beautiful for sensitive eyes like mine. It does not tug at the eyelid's soft tissue; nor does it get dry and crack over time. I find that most eyeliners offering this kind of vivid and theatrical result will start to get dry and flaky as the day progresses, inevitably making my eyes itchy and irritated. KVD's Gel Tattoo Eyeliner surpasses the test of time; staying vivid, fresh and silky with zero irritation, so I can wear it all day and well into the evening. It’s truly smudge and water - proof! You can rub it and it's not going anywhere! You can even run it under water, but it's still not going anywhere!

100% Smudge & Water Proof! It mimics a real tattoo while staying vivid, silky and fresh all day!

It easily washes off with an oil-based make-up remover, when you're ready to remove it. True blue KVD, I love you!

FREE DOWNLOAD! Use My DIY Tattoo Stencils to create your own looks

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These are stunning! I'm getting into makeup design and heard about you from a frriend.


Richard Bro
Richard Bro
May 24, 2022

These are very artistic designs. I especially love the collage at the end.


sincere michael
sincere michael
May 21, 2022

I love seeing the looks of tstoos, if I'm going it will be for temporary type of tattoos and not the permanent type of tattoos. I love changing designs and applying gorgeous ones, the looks of the ones you provided above are exceptional too.


May 21, 2022

Love the makeup ideas in the pictures. Makeup brings out the beauty in a woman.


May 20, 2022

This is way of wearing a new look. Make up is the only measure to achieve this.

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