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Maybe She's Born With It!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The Story Behind My Lovely Locks

Yup. I’m that girl. The one who hasn’t cut her hair since the global pandemic started in 2019. Like not even a trim… And it’s been growing like a weed! I attribute this to the lock down, karma, as well as my hair care products, oh naturally. The lock down because I haven’t really done anything with my hair. The most I’ll use is a hair dyer and a flat iron after washing it once or twice a week. I think I curled it like once with a hot curling iron for a magic show… {It literally took close to 5 hours with a single rod so I've not been so inclined to try this again on my own!] I was the girl in the box getting sawed in half! Lol And if I hadn’t had it all curled up it would have literally swept the stage with it!

Blonde Bombshell!

Believe it or not, I was a blonde bombshell for a hot minute. I let Amy; my nail tech, talk me into that one. You know the kind of girl bond you make with weekly visits and gossip with about everything from the latest Netflix series you're binge watching to sharing beauty secrets, and of course the hot topic of boys. I trusted her. And she didn’t let me down! Her hairdresser was fabulous! Naturally he cooed and awed over my healthy, long chestnut mane; like an artist with a fresh canvas before him. He turned me into a Hollywood Blonde bombshell literally overnight! And it went well for a few months until that day …

I called to book an appointment to find out that my hairdresser went on vacation to visit his family in Vietnam and just never returned! My roots were grown out like an inch long before I started searching for help. And you know how most girls are about their top secret beauty regimes. Amy's recommendation was a rare gift. I had never colored my hair at home before by myself. It always seemed like such a complicated science involving gloves, brushes and many mixing bowls with strong solutions… So, I always just left it up to the professionals. Until that day…

I searched on Google for someone in Toronto who could do a simple root touch up for me. I found a salon downtown called The Blonde Salon. It had good reviews and was in a prime location so I figured...

"well, if they were bold enough to call themselves The Blonde Salon then they must know what their doing…"

O.M.G. was I wrong. A few days after my wonderful treatment in this posh little spot my hair started to break off at the root. And it continued to break until there was nothing left… I was literally starting to spawn a military crew cut mullet. When I went back to the salon to show a manager and to get help all I got was a snooty “Oh, you poor thing… well what are you going to do now hmmmmmmmm?”

“Ummmm…. What do you mean what am I going to do now? You’re supposed to be the experts!” Needless to say, I was NOT compensated for losing all of my glamorous golden locks. I didn’t get any empathy from the owner whatsoever and just spent over 2 bills to have my hair devastatingly ruined and to boot, tipped them well for the experience! Where my hair was breaking was even too short to put any extensions in. And so, I resorted to wearing wigs and hats! Perhaps I was a bit hysterical in the beginning… but then I just said f*#! It and went on a 3 month sabbatical to Ocho Rios where I discovered the weave!

Tints of Nature

Since my very traumatic episode with ‘professional salons’ I haven’t really let any so called ‘professions’ touch my hair and I was on a mission to learn how to do color on my own. I’ve been using the same hair color treatment on my hair for years – way before the pandemic. Same brand and same color.

Sure, I’ve experimented with many different kinds of box hair color prior to finding the brand I truly love and trust. Many of the other brands are very harsh – on my hair, on the environment and even give me really bad headaches. Then I discovered the very gentle Tints of Nature – Simply Healthier Hair Colour – [2N Natural Darkest Brown] Permanent Hair Colour derived from 95% natural ingredients. It contains no ammonia and delivers stunning salon results without the headaches!

I have SO MUCH hair that I literally use an entire box just for my monthly root touch-ups! I have a few grey hairs and it covers them up beautifully! Tints of Nature offers a hydrating treatment to use prior to coloring if you have very resistant grey hairs to make them more receptive to color, but I've never tried this as I've never had any issues with coverage. Only gorgeous results! It's so quick and easy to use. And I’m not too worried when things get a little messy or if it gets on my sensitive skin because it washes off very easily. It just seems to magically know exactly where you want it as I haven't noticed any fading, my hair looks very natural and healthy.

Best Tip Ever: I use a conditioning hair mask to treat my hair after coloring it. I leave it in for about 30 minutes and it removes any excess stain off from my hairline, since I am using a very dark color. My hair is ultra smooth, shiny and very easy to comb thru after.

I love Tints of Nature because it is an organic, vegan and eco-conscious brand. The natural oils and extracts found in their products include Green Tea / Antioxidant, Sunflower / Protects Color, Aloe / Soothing, Shea Butter / Moisturizes, Chamomile / Protects the scalp, Jojoba / Conditions, Black Oats / Repairs damage, and Charcoal Shampoo/ Absorbs dirt and toxins [The charcoal shampoo is currently included as a free sample in every box, which was a nice surprise!]

I always get compliments on how rich and healthy my hair looks and feels. Everyone always wants to know my secret to my long glossy locks! Well now you know my secret to luxuriously long and natural hair color!

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