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Transform into a Barbie Doll!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

A Quick & Easy Photoshop Tutorial for My Digitally Crafty Dolls! Level: Beginner

New to Adobe? Click Here to join the fun!

Surprise! I've been using Photoshop for well over 10 years! I'm so excited to be publishing my first tutorial for you guys! I was inspired by the Adobe NEW AI Features in Camera Raw... AMAZING! And to celebrate the NEW Barbie Movie, of course! hope you enjoy it! Tag me with your pictures I would LOVE to see your results! :)

A. Camera Raw

The first thing we're going to do after we open up Photoshop is click on File and scroll down to Open to import the photo that we want to transform into Barbie.

Changing the Hair Color (in less than 60 seconds)

Using Photoshop's new AI Selective Masking Tools that are available in Camera Raw (which is another application that works in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop).

  1. Right click on the photo's Layer to Convert to Smart Object. (If your Layers Panel is not open, go to the top bar and click on Window, then scroll down and click on Layers from the Window menu and it should pop up.)

  2. Go to the top bar and click on Filter, then select Camera Raw Filter. A bunch of options will appear, select the Masking option (which is the circular icon, the third one down).

  3. The program will take a moment to find the people in the photo and you'll notice it's doing a little thinking. Once it's finished, you'll see that under People, it's identified the subject in the photo as a person.

  4. Click on the person you want to edit i.e. Person 1 and you'll see it breaks it into its constituent parts i.e. Face, Skin, Body, Eyebrows etc. Of course we want the Hair so check the box for Hair and click Create.

  5. Now it's time to change the hair color. By sliding the Hue Bar you can select any color from the rainbow! Use the Saturation slider to adjust the brightness. When trying to find the perfect shade of blonde you'll notice that more saturation give you a vivid golden blonde; where as turning the saturation down gives us a more platinum barbie blonde. You just have to play around with the different settings until you find the settings you like.

While adjusting the color of the hair you may notice that other items in your photo are also changing; like this model's sunglasses. Don't worry - it's an easy fix. Once you're happy with the adjustments you've made to the hair color, you can click the Subtract button and scroll down to Brush. We're going to use the Subtract Brush; our eraser, to remove any changes made to areas or items that we didn't want changes made to. But first we need to check our Subtract Brush settings. For this photo, we're going to bring the size down small enough to wipe the handles of the model's glasses clean without touching the hair. Also, we want to make sure our Feather is between 80-100; which is the hardness of the brush edge, and that our Flow; the rate of application, is all the way up to 100.

Teeth Whitening and Other Adjustments in Camera Raw

Click OK and you'll see your changes get imported back into Photoshop. Or you can opt to stay in Camera Raw and click Create New Mask. Check another box, like Teeth for teeth whitening, since Barbie's teeth are sparkling pearls!

If you have left Camera Raw; however, and wish to return to make new adjustments, return to Camera Raw by clicking on File once again and scrolling down to Camera Raw Filter. Repeat the same steps as above to isolate the different areas you wish to make changes to on your person.

Before clicking on the Masking option this time, I want to Zoom in to the teeth so I can see my adjustments a bit better. You'll notice that once Camera Raw has opened, your cursor is a magnifying glass. Click up and down anywhere on the screen to zoom your photo in and out.

Tanned Skin and Vivid Bikini

I wanted to enhance the vividness of the Silly Strawberry Bikini's color and pattern, since my photo looked a bit over exposed. Simply Create New Mask and check Clothes. You can change the color of your model's clothes by adjusting the Hue bar OR simply enhance the brightness by adjusting the Saturation bar. The Saturation bar can be used in the same way to create a more tanned look for the Skin.

Once your happy with all of the adjustments you can make in Camera Raw, it's time to smooth out our skin in Photoshop to look even more like a Barbie Doll!

B. Photoshop

Skin Smoothing Tutorial Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

If you'd like to learn what other cool apps I use to get SUPER Awesome instant editing results to slim the waistline, add abs, enhancements, fix teeth, create a smaller face with higher cheekbones, big doll eyes with a full face of makeup; and yes including contouring, highlighting and glitter eyeshadow! Add volume and length to your hair, or even an entirely different hair style... Subscribe to my Photo Retouching Blog Articles at www.ShesCrafty.Blog where I go into even more detail. Lots of Freebies and Surprises Inside!

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