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Hive Heros Wanted: Apply NOW!

Thank you for buzzing in to become an Ambassador! Get ready to earn sweet honey points with exciting challenges redeemable in our shop, along with paid collabs. Share your unique affiliate link and promo code to earn money and even host your own merch-filled storefront! Plus, enjoy exclusive Selfie Swag collections curated just for you at GLAM Fam discounts. Join the fun with our Selfie Swag AI Photoshoots and let’s make some buzz together!

Before you level up, upload your selfie and submit the photo release form, giving us the green light to use your fabulous pics in our promos. Don’t worry—you’ll receive royalties from any swag your images promote. We're all about everyone winning—especially the bees! 🐝💛


Member Account

Ready to be an Ambassador? Make sure your Site Member Account is completed, up-to-date and decked out with all your social channels! We want your swagger on full display as you rock our brand across the digital universe. Let’s make some buzz together! 

Honey Points

Got your eye on the Ambassador title? Show us you're the bee's knees by having racked up a min. of 1,000 Honey Points (in total) and staying active on our site and socials. Time to shine and spread that sweet honey magic far and wide! 

Busy Bee Badge

Ready to join the Busy Bees Ambassador Program? First, you need to earn your Busy Bee Badge! To claim this badge of honor, follow all my social accounts and tag me on Instagram with a photo or video rocking your 'God Save the Queen' (or King) Selfie Swag. Show off your buzz-worthy style and let the world see your royal swagger while supporting our mission to save the bees. Get buzzing, spread the word, and help us make a difference for our planet!

Member Account
Honey Points
Busy Bee Badge


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