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Updated: May 19, 2023

As the rebel of the zodiac, I'm here to shake things up a little! I'm gonna ruffle some feathers by putting all this out there...

If you're stressed/tired of trying to fit into the "Instagram Box" of a specific niche... then you've come to the right creator! As a multitalented, multifaceted individual I am indeed every woman! And I am just as unique as everyone else... in my own way of course!

I love to travel, fashion, makeup, cosplay and I care ever so deeply about the environment, as well as good skin care! And all while praying for world peace! I am a Magician, an Artist, a Yogi, a Siren and a Britney Spears fan!

I am a #HallowQueen who loves #Pinkmas, a movie critic, coffee lover, wine connoisseur, #foodie, a tarot card reader, a chef, a Poker Star and an avid gamer! And there's more... but all the Instagram coaches keep insisting that I pick just one!?... Ok... That's like picking one color out of the rainbow! Some days I'm yellow... and some days I'm blue... But most days I'm just a handful of skittles and I even surprise myself! But only being allowed to be one color everyday - day in and day out can get pretty boring, pretty fast! Like eating the same meal prepared in different ways... Mac 'N Cheese, macaroni salad, macaroni stew, macaroni pizza... yes, that's actually a thing!

And you'd probably struggle with new ways to present the same dish... like struggling to come up with fresh content ideas while staying in the lines of your chosen niche. It would eventually be more like 'all work and no play!', Even if it is something you are truly passionate about. And struggling to force content creation means you're not actually being your authentic self. For example, if I'm reading a really great book, or watched a really awesome movie, or I just ate the juiciest burger eva'... my followers are probably going to hear all about it!

And I'm gonna try to score a BIG FAT juicy discount to share with them as a Thank you for following me!- so they can see what I'm raving about when I tell them there's a party in my mouth! Although many Instagram coaches may deem this as unprofessional... I call it #life... everybody's gotta eat, right?! Even if it's a vegan burger, you still want it to be tasty! So, I will sometimes post about the simple things in life that everybody can relate to. So go taste the rainbow!

If you're a business selling or promoting a specific product or service, then I can understand why your channels would be centered around your one particular topic. But when YOU are the topic, your followers are falling in love with the many unique sides of YOU! We are all experts at many different things and all at different levels. Telling me I should only post about one thing to prove I am an expert at this one topic is like telling a bride-to-be she has to lose weight in order to fit into her dream wedding dress...

But why can't we just make the dress to fit her where she's at? And why can't she ever change outta that dress?! Yes it's fabulous... but so is slipping into a pair of comfy joggers after the party's over and catching a flight to your next great adventure! Just like I wouldn't be comfortable wearing a wedding dress on a plane - I don't want my social channels to be a forced encyclopedia of skincare... or makeup... or travel destinations! That's what Google is for! More authentically, my followers are trusting me to publish honest reviews of products that I've actually tested and truly love! With the understanding, of course, that what may be a right fit for me may not be for someone else and vice versa... and respecting everyone's differences in opinions.

My ideas may be controversial and a bit off-the-wall... not typical of how things are done in the Influencer world... but I feel like we are all constantly changing, evolving and growing in so many different areas of our lives (and not in just one,) so why is it so taboo to have our socials reflect that? My coach says it confuses my followers...

So I've devised a simple solution that will let influencers have the best of both worlds! Instead of boxing me up into a niche - I've created boxes for my niches! Welcome to MY Lifestyle Channel! I post whatever I feel like on most days, random memes I think are funny, a cute #ootd post, me performing silly and pointless trending TicTok dances and pretty much anything that tickles my fancy without worrying that it's going to completely mess up the entire scheme of my feed! Ahhh the bliss (and fun!) of complete and total freedom without the worry of being judged (or worse... unfollowed!) No, let's not fake it 'till we make it! Even if I want to be a Mermaid today while everyone else is busy being goldfish! Life is all about joy, laughter, and creative expression thru play, so I challenge you to embrace it all! Do you think Britney Spears gives any f#@!s about what anybody's got to say about the way she lives her life or what she posts on her socials... She's just out there livin' her best life! Yet, her random hot mess of a feed is one of the most viewed and followed on Instagram! And she is simply just being her most beautiful, authentic self! That energy is simply #GORGI

We don't all have the fame and money like the Princess of Pop, of course, but is that what it costs to be free? No. Freedom is a state of mind. So when it comes to an honest review, a collab or something important or specific that I want to highlight... (like Hallowe'en!) I work with INSTASTARS to create unique Puzzles for my Instagram feed. And brands love this because their products STAND OUT on my channel and are not lost in a blizzard of wild posts! Furthermore, links to these posts can be found on my blog reviews right here on my site! So, even in the weeks and months to come, new visitors who scroll down my feed will STOP at the scoll-stopping color blocks in curiosity! As a member of INSTASTARS Patreon I receive monthly Tips & Tricks for Instagram, as well as FREE pre-designed Puzzles complete with instructions and a support team for beginners! AND SO MUCH MORE! I invite you to color outside of the lines... to get truly inspired daily! Surprise your followers! Surprise yourself! Tease and entice... Romance and intrigue... Be exciting, be charming, be daring... BE MAGICAL! Have a virtual love affair with your followers! Don't dim your light to fit in... be a rainbow of fabulous and shine bright! Don't worry about someone unfollowing you simply because you post something that is not the topic of their interest... Instead, break open the box and invite them into a whole new world they have yet to discover with you! Let's learn from one another while having a blast! Let's actually get social! Treat your page like a party and be the hostess, or host with the MOST! Not because you are the most informed about a particular topic, and not because you are the prettiest... but because you are enjoying your journey to the fullest and open to learning more about lots of different stuff with and from your followers! It's all about having real relationships online. And always remember that you are the hot commodity! You are the STAR of your show! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

INSTASTARS Patreon Tiers are for anyone who truly wants to become a well-rounded influential influencer! You can also incorporate these ideas into your personal life!

P.S. If they don't know you're a star by now... they gonna! Have you guessed my Zodiac sign? Here's another hint: It is the Age of ________! Drop your answer below along with your zodiac sign to see how awesome we mesh together!

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