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Influencer Valentina Chastain a.k.a. The Glampress as Marilyn Monroe

Raising Eyebrows & Brand Awareness with the Right Influencers & The Rule of 7


The Rule of 7 is based on the marketing principle that customers need to see your brand at least 7 times; or more, before they commit to a purchase decision. 

By organizing brand interactions into shorter, more frequent interactions, people are more likely to remember your brand. And when you think about it, this makes sense. You are more likely to trust and buy into a brand that you are familiar with, after all. The key to the Rule of 7 is simplicity and repetition.

Unlock the true power of Influencer Marketing by tapping into new audiences, where trust has already been established with your brand's rep. A lot of businesses fail to implement the Rule of 7, jumping from influencer to influencer, hoping to get their brand seen on a wider scale, but not getting the results they were hoping for.  Introductions are nice, but if you're trying to establish a relationship with your rep's audience, you need to maximize The Rule of 7. Smart brands that leverage this psychology recognize that repeat advertising is the secret to success!

Brand & product reviews are more engaging with unique content that helps your brand stand out from your competitors. And storytelling is one of the most effective strategies for forming memorable connections. It brings people together and engages audiences. Essentially, you should be using The Rule of 7 to continuously remind your audience(s) why your brand is the best!

By having an engaging, trustworthy influencer continually promote your brand on their social channels also shows how committed they are to your brand... so it must be good, right?! And their followers will soon follow, too!

The Rule of 7
Blog Articles

Influencer, Boss Babe, Blogger & Stand-Up Comedian...
Oh My!

Find out how The Glampress can help you raise eyebrows and brand awareness!

Let's Grow Together!

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me! I LOVE collaborating with top notch brands who vibe with my quirky & fun, off-beat style! To start, please select the creatives you feel would best reflect your brand. I must test your product(s) or service(s) before I can agree to promote it on my website.


My blog is dedicated to showcasing only the best brands that excel in quality and excellence. Brands that earn my honest reviews are the ones that truly deliver quality products or services.

If your brand has been invited to be featured on my website, I will post my authentic reviews of how your exceptional product(s) or service(s) stand out from the crowd! Gain more trust and traffic by implementing The Rule of 7!  Opt for a subscription below to keep your blog up-to-date and fun with fresh NEW social creatives!

I will post the article in All My Links for the duration of the subscription at: www.allmylinks/glampress

Limited Spots Available

"As the golden sands of time slip through my fingers, my heart whispers a wish for endless moments to intertwine our talents. If only time would grant me the privilege of working with each and every one of you! Like petals delicately selected for a rare bouquet, limited spots available. Thank you again for your interest in working together with me. I am excited to embark on a symphony of collaboration with you, where every stroke of brilliance paints a masterpiece!"


Respectfully Yours,



Influencer Valentina Chastain for Royale Tissue

Simple Review Post

1 Minute Video Review $222

1 - 3 Photos

Honesty meets elegance in my enchanting appraisal of your brand's product/service. But too many of these make for a boring feed. I am naturally a very creative person who loves to have fun being inspired by the brands I adore. My socials are my canvas and I love to paint them with vibrant colors and beautiful moments. I am dedicated to channelling my creative energy and making everyday a masterpiece! Amidst all of the Glitz-N-GLAM; however, there is serenity in simple, raw honesty. This is the perfect choice for your brand if you'd rather savor the essence of simplicity with my heartfelt review.

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Travel and Food Blogger

Travel & Restaurants

1 Video Review $FREE

Countless videos & photos

I am just starting my NEW Travel, Food & Glamping Recommendations site! I would love the opportunity to acquire some stellar reviews to start posting! Of course, travel accommodations need to be arranged. But if your Hotel, Restaurant, Airbnb OR Glamping Experience meets my 5 star stellar rating, I will be happy to post all about my experience on my blog and social channels! Let's start planning our next adventure!

Review Posts
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Influencer Valentina Chastain cosplay Lilith for MyONE

Festive Creatives

1 Minute Video Post + 2-3 Photos $255

1 Photo Post $111

1 Generic Creative with Shout-Out $65

A cheerful, mood-elevating post celebrating a National Holiday i.e. Hallowe'en, Christmas, New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. National Holidays are relatable on a larger scale to a wider audience. Let's celebrate together to amplify your brand's presence by commemorating these special days and become a beacon of inspiration across the digital world!

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Influencer Valentina Chastain cosplay Marilyn Monroe for Dossier

Cosplay Creatives

1 Minute Video Post + 2-3 Photos $444

Iconic, universally favorite characters; typically from movies, myths, stories & legends i.e. Harley Quinn, The Joker (Yes, I can suit up to look like a man, too! Lol) Marilyn Monroe, Princess Leia, Lilith, Cleopatra, etc. I do require time to plan these shoots; typically 1 month - 6 weeks in advance. That gives me time to order or make any costumes and props needed; as well as book venues for the background to set the mood and ambience.

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Influencer Valentina Chastain for Merry PINKMAS Shop

Off-Beat Holiday Creatives

1 Minute Video Post + 2-3 Photos $255

1 Photo Post $111

1 Generic Creative with Shout-Out $65

Weird holidays like National Jelly Bean Day may seem like just something to fill a calendar, but these holidays are a great opportunity to engage with your customers and get them excited about your brand. Smart businesses are using off-beat and silly international holidays to create fun and tasteful marketing content and to inspire exciting promotions, i.e. restaurants can offer special discounts on pasta meals on World Pasta Day!  Your brand will be perceived as fun & hip when you celebrate unconventional holidays! If you're up for some fun playful posts, let's embrace the wackiness together and add a dash of fun to our feeds!

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Influencer Costume Creatives

Costume Creatives

1 Minute Video Post + 2-3 Photos $333

Calling all visionary storytellers! Dress your brand up and let's have some fun! Role-playing makes for informative and entertaining posts! Transform your online presence into a captivating performance that leaves your audience in awe! Embrace the enchantment of role-playing by crafting a captivating narrative that entices and inspires. Elevate your brand's social media presence by embarking on a riveting adventure. Unleash your creativity, dare to step into different personas and captivate your audience with an otherworldly tale that leaves them eager for more! I do require time to plan these shoots; typically 1 month - 6 weeks in advance. That gives me time to order or make any costumes and props needed; as well as book venues for the background to set the mood and the ambience.

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Influencer Valentina Chastain Cherry Picking for Dossier Perfumes

Fun Date Ideas

These posts are reserved for partners supporting my NEW endeavor, The Demi Date Club! Collaborative posts with The Demi Date Club. Escape the ordinary and ignite the spark of romance with whimsical date ideas that promise laughter, adventure and pure joy! Get ready to create incredible memories together. Prefer an evening date? Let these captivating  date night ideas transport you and your beloved to a world of endless possibilities. But don't forget to pack your brand here! i.e. Cherry picking - show your brand in the basket. Available with Premium Blogger Subscription.

Cooking to Hook Up Creatives

Cooking To Hook Up

These posts are reserved for partners supporting my NEW endeavor, The Demi Date Club! Collaborative posts with The Demi Date Club; as well as INSTASTARS. Full video recipes posted on TikTok, YouTube and OnlyFans sponsored by your brand. Turn up the heat on your date night with Cooking To Hook Up Recipes! Get ready to sizzle in the kitchen as you whip up an unforgettable meal together. Don't forget to add a sprinkle of love and laughter! Available with Premium Blogger Subscription.



A mix of multimedia, including an artistically crafted and informative Carousel Post. 3 Artistically Connected Posts $333

Did you hire an influencer hoping to get more eyeballs on your brand or product, only to see your paid post(s) get lost in a sea of their new posts? Influencers post very often! Perhaps you could request your influencer to keep your brands post(s) pinned to the top of their profile? Effective, but that could get expensive! We have a better solution to help your post(s) stand out! When you are collaborating with an INSTASTARS Ambassador, you are guaranteed results! INSTASTARS will design epic, scroll-stopping posts; in your brand colors, or seasonal creatives, that will highlight your brand/product/service and help your posts to stand out on your influencer's Instagram channel.

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Informative, Artistic & Included in your SHOWCASE Post! Opt for Podcast feature so your audience can listen while they scroll!

Seamless Carousel Posts

Seamless Carousel Post

10 Seamless Posts $222

Artistically crafted and informative, featuring details about your brand and it's products and/or services. An entertaining and engaging way to deliver your brand's mission and core values. Step into a realm of eloquence and charm on Instagram, where your brand's mission statement comes alive with vivid imagination. Immerse your audience in a captivating narrative that celebrates your brands values and paints a vivid picture of your purpose. Engage your audience with poetic prose and captivating storytelling that unveils the soul of your brand. Let me embrace the captivating charm of your brand thru a Seamless Carousel Post that resonates with your values, stirs emotions and sparks curiosity within your audience; and above all, captures their hearts and minds to foster loyal connections.

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Seamless Carousel Posts with Podcast

Seamless Carousel Post with Audio

10 Seamless Posts with Audio $333

Embrace the enchanting power of words and let my charismatic personality and charming voice relay my passion for your brand, as it compliments the vivid artistry I've painted in your Seamless Carousel Post. Unlock the beauty of audio with me on Instagram and let the English language weave it's magic. I will serenade your audience with the symphony of language. Immerse them in the ethereal realm of audio. Step into a world where every phrase becomes a sonnet and my authentic review dances to the rhythm of your brand's heartbeat. Through the enchanting power of audio, let me compose a captivating symphony dedicated solely to your success on Instagram.

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YouTube Videos

Bring Your Vision to Life with YouTube Video Creation

Lights, camera, knowledge! Ignite excitement, hype and curiosity about your brand with a dynamic YouTube video that showcases the unique qualities of your products and/or services. From concept to completion, I will create a custom video to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. From scripting and storyboarding, to post-production, I produce high quality videos designed to capture the essence of your brand and engage viewers, driving increased sales and brand awareness.

Whether you're looking to create a promotional video, explainer video, a series of product tutorials or an animated video (Ask me how I create animated characters of real people! a.k.a. Digital Dolls) I can craft a video that effectively communicates your brand's message in a compelling and impactful way. Ready, set, create!

1 YouTube Video $555

SAVE 25% Order An ENTIRE Series 5+

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    • Monthly Stories with Active Links
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    • Get Exactly What You Want with Pay-As-You-Go Creatives
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    Blogger's Choice for Fresh & Fun Monthly Creatives
    • Blog Article Hosting
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    • Annual SHOWCASE Post
    • Bi-Weekly Stories with Active Links
    • Monthly Festive / Off-Beat Holiday / Costume Creative
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    • 45% OFF YouTube Video Creation
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    Every month
    Blogger's Choice for Fresh & Fun Monthly Creatives + Sponsored Videos
    • Blog Article Hosting
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    • Annual SHOWCASE Post with Audio
    • Weekly Stories with Active Links
    • Costume / Cosplay Creative
    • Festive / Off-Beat Holiday Creative
    • Monthly Generic Creative with SHOUT-OUT!
    • Sponsor Fun Date Ideas / Cooking to Hook Up Posts & Videos
    • Monthly e-mail Marketing Advert with Active Links
    • 1 Static Leaderboard Banner Ad Placed on 1 Main Page of Site
    • 25 POP MY POSTS & 10 PINNED SHOWCASE Posts [Excluding PRIME]
    • 1 YouTube Video Creation
    • SAVE 25% Upgrade to an Annual Subscription

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Unlimited Revisions!

“The Glampress is the epitome of beauty and brilliance!"


“Beyond the confines of her enchanting allure lies a realm of expertise that has no bounds! Discover the wonders of a truly exceptional mind, navigating acedemic realms with seamless grace and ingenuity."


  • Founder of The Demi Date Club

  • Certified Matchmaker
    Romantic Recipes ∙ Astrology, Esoterics & Energy Healer ∙ Fun Date Ideas

  • Founder of INSTASTARS

  • Marketing Specialist

Social Media ∙ Creative Digital Art & Graphic Design ∙ Advertising

  • Founder of She's Crafty

  • DIY Costumes & Props + Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger

DIY Costumes ∙ Cosplay Makeup Tutorials ∙ DIY Props



Wildlife & Pets ∙ Environmentalism ∙ Save the Bees ∙ Clean Oceans ∙ Sustainability ∙ Yoga ∙ Tai Chi 


Web3 Projects ∙ Crypto ∙ Investing ∙ Technology ∙The Metaverse ∙ Virtual Reality


Travel ∙ Glamping ∙ Spa Days & Retreats ∙ Skin & Hair Care ∙ Food ∙ Fashion ∙ Photography



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